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Employment Opportunities

Parsons is seeking full and part-time Associate Lane Technicians for openings at their State of NJ Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations. You must have a HS diploma or equivalent, have a current valid driver’s license and be able to obtain a NJ State Inspector’s license. On-the-job training is available.

The beginning salary is $15.00/hr which is increased after completion of the 90 day probation period. The OJT period for the Inspector’s Licence is also paid at the beginning rate. A competitive benefits package is offered. Online applications must be submitted and can be found at Other businesses that are hiring are Acme, Shop-Rite, Target, and Starbucks. Some businesses offer immediate hire for qualified applicants.

Television Update

There is currently an issue with the Verizon feed. It has been reported and I am waiting for an update. Please continue to refer to the cable stations for information. There is a lot of information and updates posted on these media. I am still updating information as I receive it for the stations. Aside from in-house equipment, please contact me if you experience problems with viewing any of our content. We would be happy to share your great news. As a reminder, if you have a virtual community event that you would like posted on the cable station, please send the information to me no later than two weeks in advance for publication.


Check all school Districts serving your children for information about their virtual meetings. Many schools and colleges are offering virtual workshops, open houses, tours, and information sessions covering topics such as admissions, financial aid assistance, coping with stress, and where to find help. Check their websites or call to find out what assistance they are hosting. HS Seniors who meet all the credit, curriculum, and attendance requirements for graduation will not be required to take Graduation Assessments per Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order 214. Check your child’s school for more information. As well Governor Murphy has announced plans to have all schools open for 100% in-person learning in September. This of course is contingent on recommendations from the CDC and the health state of the State at that time.

Winslow School Board held their virtual meetings. Some highlights are:  Plans are proceeding for Winslow

H.S. 20th Anniversary. There are also plans for special student honors from last and this year. Graduation plans are still developing but the Prom is scheduled for May 7 at Lucien’s Caterers. Check with the H.S. for more information. There was a lack of support for the Senior Yearbook which is a memento of your child’s time at Winslow HS. Check with the H.S. to find out more information about supporting this activity. The M.S. was awarded the USDE Green Ribbon for its sustainability program. I’ve included the Youtube link to view the Department of Education Secretary Dr. Miguel Cardona’s congratulatory message: The Hybrid Model started April 19 and a breakdown of the number of students who are participating as in-person students from each school was given. There are concerns about the failure rates due to remote login absences and or non-participation. Parents and guardians are expected to ensure their remote students are participating fully in their education programs. Summer School for academic failure will be contingent on teacher availability. There will also be family engagement kits available that contain supplies and other resources to help families in need. The alternate Start Strong Assessment will be used next school year in place of the NJSLA. This year’s Spring 2021 Statewide Assessment has been postponed and testing will start no earlier than April 5th. Check with your child’s School District for more information. The virtual meeting dates are posted on their website. The Youtube Channel link is located on their website is opened at 6:00 pm. (https://www.winslow-

To speak during the Public Comments segment please call 856-335-9328 during the meeting to be placed in the call queue.

The virtual CCTS meeting was held but I was not able to attend. The four-day in-person schedules began on April 21st. and will continue through the end of the school year barring any changes due to a change in the number of Covid 19 cases reported. The sanitizing schedule has been modified to accommodate the increase in the student population. Free breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided for all students to include Saturday pick-up. Contact your school for more information. The approved proposed 2021-2022 budget is awaiting the approval of the Camden County Executive Superintendent of Schools before it can be submitted to the New Jersey Department of Education. The next virtual meeting schedule is listed on their website. It is a Zoom meeting and the link is:

ID: 838 6528 9037

The Common Black College Application site ( is an inexpensive one-stop opportunity to apply to over 60 HBCU’s. For those who are in student loan repayment programs, the President’s executive order signed in January pauses payments on federal student loan payments through September 2021. Check with your provider for more details.

Historical Committee

I attended a virtual invitation to learn about an organization called Community Heart & Soul. Community Heart & Soul is a resident-driven process that engages the entire population of a town in identifying what they love most about their community, what future they want for it, and how to achieve it. Based on three powerful principles– involve everyone, focus on what matters most, and play the long game–they help communities move toward a brighter, more prosperous future by bringing residents closer together. When residents get closer, differences fade, and the things they care most about replace the differences. Residents become stronger believers in their communities and more collaborative in their decision-making. They stay in their communities, new people move in, and investment in towns increases. The organization works with a highly inclusive process that reaches deep into communities to ensure all voices are represented in determining a town’s future.

Instead of bringing residents to the table, the table is brought to the residents through in-person and virtual community events and gatherings.

Communities experience a range of social and economic benefits:

✓ Pride and confidence grow in the town
✓ Civility and respect increase
✓ Residents feel more connected to one another
✓ Volunteerism increases
✓ New young leaders emerge
✓ More residents run for local office
✓ Economic conditions improve
✓ Investment in the town increases
✓ New local businesses open
✓ Town officials gain a deeper understanding of what matters to residents
✓ Towns are better prepared to respond to emergency situations

Veterans Affairs

A reminder to our Veterans; Camden County Veterans are encouraged to apply for the Camden County Korean War Service Medal or Camden County Military Service Medal. Please check their website for eligibility information and the online application. The direct link is found here:

Respectfully submitted, Karen Chew
6 May 2021

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